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Pregnancy & Infant Loss

A Special Message about Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

There is no more profound loss than the loss of a pregnancy or an infant. It is unique and agonizing pain that can leave families adrift in a sea of questions that often can never be answered; a sea of pain that can be all consuming; a sea of doubt regarding the very meaning of life; and a sea of fear about how to go on living when a piece of you has died too.

During this tender time in the life of a woman, loss can touch women in a variety of ways. It may be a first trimester miscarriage, the devastating dilemma of making a decision to terminate, a late term loss, stillbirth or the loss of an infant in the hours, weeks or months following birth. Although they present some unique experiences for each woman, they all share in a sense of earth shattering grief, sadness and loss.

Women and families who have experienced a loss, need a safe place to allow themselves to grieve their loss; to express their anger, their regret, their fear; their rage and their utter despair. I provide women a safe place to work through the overwhelming and devastating emotions that come with this heartbreaking loss.

If you have experienced a loss, you do not have to go through this alone. I am here to provide support and guidance to help you find your way through this. You will be forever changed by your loss, but it is possible to find a way to learn to live with the loss - even if that feels impossible right now. There is hope.

Grief, Loss & Your Relationship

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

You and your partner are going through this loss together. It is a tremendous time of pain and agony. It is important to recognize that everyone grieves in different ways, and at different rates. You may want to lean on your partner, and he or she may be there for you. Or they may be so engulfed in their own pain that they cannot be there for you in the way that you had hoped. If that is the case, you may be feeling more alone than before you tried to reach out. But help is available and the most important step right now is for you to be supported.

Reach out today, I am here to help.