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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Feel Better ~ Help with Feelings of Fear, Loneliness, Anxiety or Loss

Pregnancy can be a time of joy and happiness, but not always. And if you expected to feel that way, and you do not, it can be disappointing, or even devastating. Feelings of fear, loneliness, sadness, anxiety and loss are more common than you might think - women just aren't talking openly about it.

Did you know that up to 70% of pregnant women experience some of these feelings during their pregnancy while 20% experience depression or anxiety that requires additional support and help? If you are feeling that way, it is okay to ask for help and with that help, you can feel better.

Do you or your family notice any of the following?

Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • frequent crying
  • increasing irritability and sensitivity
  • change in appetite
  • feeling sad/depressed
  • lack of motivation
  • disturbed sleep
  • excessive worries about your health or the health of your baby
  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • recurrent obsessive or disturbing thoughts

It is important to pay attention to these experiences and to seek support. If left untreated, they may rob you of your ability to enjoy your pregnancy. They may also leave you more vulnerable to experiencing postpartum depression. What we know is that many women who experience postpartum depression began to feel the first signs and symptoms during pregnancy, but didn't realize by getting help in pregnancy they could prevent or minimize their experience of postpartum depression. If this is you, I know it is scary to reach out, but do it, call for a free consultation to put together a plan to help you feel better.

Consider if any of the following apply to you:

  • past physical or sexual abuse
  • a previous traumatic birth
  • medical complications related to their general health or specifically related to their pregnancy
  • previous pregnancy or newborn loss
  • infertility
  • difficult family relationships
  • limited social supports
  • unplanned pregnancy
  • past history of depression, not related to pregnancy
  • history of premenstrual syndrome

These are identified as risk factors for pregnancy depression or anxiety, and although it may be unsettling to identify yourself as having some of these risk factors, receiving support can help you to identify and deal with any difficulties you may experience.

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Mary Joan Brinson, Certified EFT Therapist

Your pregnancy should be a very special time for you.
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