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Postpartum Support

Postpartum Depression Symptoms - A Self-Assessment Guide

Could I have Postpartum Depression (PPD)?

Do you...

  • have a change in appetite?
  • have trouble sleeping?
  • worry about little things?
  • cry at the slightest thing?
  • snap at your husband?
  • isolate yourself?
  • worry you will never feel like yourself again?
  • think everyone else is a better mother than you?
  • no longer enjoy things you used to?
  • fear leaving your house or being alone?
  • have anxiety attacks?
  • have difficulty concentrating?
  • have unexplained anger, irritability or rage?
  • have unexpected, even disturbing thoughts or images in your mind?
  • feel that there is no hope to feel better?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, you may have postpartum depression. One out of every four or five mothers will experience postpartum depression. And this is not your fault, you are not alone and with help, you will feel better. (Checklist adapted from Postpartum Stress Centre, Philadelphia, PA.)

Postpartum depression can be treated and the earlier you intervene, the easier your recovery will be. PPD can also be experienced by fathers, and adoptive mothers.

Am I at risk for Postpartum Depression?

  • Do you have a personal or family history of depression or anxiety?
  • Were you anxious or depressed during your pregnancy, especially during the third trimester?
  • Have you ever had severe PMS which affected your mood?
  • Have you ever suffered from mood changes while taking birth control pills or fertility medication?
  • Do you have a past history of abuse and/or difficult family relationships?
  • Have you experienced recent stressful life events (i.e. move to a new home, job change or loss, death in family)?
  • Do you have limited social supports?

By answering yes to any of the above questions, you are at risk for Postpartum Depression. Not every women with risk factors will experience postpartum depression, however if you have risk factors you would benefit from attending a consultation with me to develop a plan for support during pregnancy and postpartum.

I can help you feel like yourself again.

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