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Hope: Remember the Butterfly

The birth of a baby is a pivotal and life changing experience in the life of a woman. Her mind, body, emotions, relationships and identity undergo a radical transformation. Few other life experiences are as all encompassing and transformative as having a baby. So many emotions are swirling around, many of which can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes, distressing. And that is when we need to remember the butterfly.

The Symbol of Transformation to a Better, More Beautiful Life

The spiritual meaning of the butterfly is the rebirth into a better, more beautiful life.

The butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis.

From egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon ~ the butterfly then emerges in her beautiful glory.

What a massive amount of transition this tiny creature undergoes.

Imagine the whole of your life changing to such an extreme you are unrecognizable at the end of the transformation. Does this sound familiar to you?

Herein lies the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly. She asks us to accept the changes in our lives as casually as she does. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the changes of her environment and her body.

This unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. She understands that our toiling, fretting and anger are useless against the turning tides of nature - she asks us to recognize the same.

The butterfly is also connected to the soul. We are all on a long journey of the soul. On this journey we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to morph into ever-finer beings. At our soul-journey's end we are inevitably changed - not at all the same as when we started on the path.

To take this analogy a step further, we can look again to the grace and eloquence of the butterfly and realize that our journey is our only guarantee. Our responsibility to make our way in faith, accept the change that comes, and emerge from our transitions as brilliantly as the butterfly.

Far from being a flighty, fluffy symbol - the animal symbolism of the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul.

Recovery From Postpartum Depression

Yes, recovery is possible from postpartum depression. Like the butterfly, you will travel through a journey that transforms your life and your view of yourself. You will be left with a more intimate knowledge of who you are as a woman. With this knowledge, you will discover what you really need in order to take care of yourself as a mother, but just as importantly as a woman, partner and friend.

Nature has taken care of the journey for the butterfly ~ you need to take care of your journey ~ healing starts with one small step ~ click here now so we can get you started on your first step.

I can help you make the transformation to a better life.

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